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Aegis Combat System

Aegis Combat System (ACS) Certificate

Discover the Aegis principles, processes, and methods.

Aegis is the Navy's most modern surface combat system. ACS was designed and developed over the last fifty years as a multi-warfare system-of-systems, integrating sensors, command & control, weapons, electronic warfare, navigation, and more. The integration of ACS systems enhances the capability of a ship to engage and defeat numerous multi-warfare threats simultaneously by land, air, and sea.

Accelerate your ability to understand and use Naval vocabulary. Become familiar with the Aegis Combat & Weapon System elements and build your ACS knowledge foundation.

Developed in 2012 with instructors who are Aegis subject matter experts, this program offers the opportunity to learn from respected industry leaders.

Participants must be a U.S. Citizen and provide verification of citizenship. 

Take the 3-course certificate series or take just 1 course:

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Title Session Dates Times Days Status
Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Online 2022/23
  M Tu W Th F Sa Su   $ 1,150 Registration Available
Aegis Combat and Weapon Systems Overview Online 2022/23
  M Tu W Th F Sa Su   $ 995 Registration Available
Aegis Combat Systems Engineering Online 2022/23
  M Tu W Th F Sa Su   $ 995 Registration Available